3Gun Match 11/18/17

Saturday 11/18/2017    |     09:00am   -   05:00pm

Event Group(s):

[ 3Gun ] [ Competition ]
If you are taking a Peacemaker training class and or shooting in a Peacemaker competition, WE WILL HAVE AMMO FOR YOU TO SHOOT. You can purchase your ammo on your training or match day at our HQ building!


Repeating the 3rd Saturday of each Month


Registration Peacemaker National Training Center HQ Building:  1624 Brannon’s Ford Rd. Gerrardstown WV 25420

Phone 304-229-GUNS (4867)

Please note that for USPSA registration at Peacemaker, the registration will go live one week before monthly/regional match at PNTC. Also, we will again use the automated Practiscore system for USPSA & Multi-Gun moving forward.  You’ll access registration and match results at


8:00 AM Registration at PNTC HQ. Free Coffee available.

8:45 AM Safety briefing & shooters meeting

9:00 AM Match begins promptly


Number of Shooters:

60 Shooters Total


PNTC Multi-Gun Overview:

Welcome back to Multi-Gun at Peacemaker for 2016!  

This month AJ has designed a great course with six stages of fire. This year’s courses will have great steel, new targets, better walls and props. In addition in 2017 FNH, and Colt are offering stage guns in various matches, so be on the lookout for these from time to time, etc.

Also, for this year you’ll notice that our entire Multi-Gun calendar has been posted. We will make periodic announcements regarding classifiers, larger matches, etc. So please be sure to go to our website and sign up for our newsletter and announcements.  Please also note that for PNTC Multi-Gun registrations at Peacemaker, the registration link will go live one week before PNTC / 3Gun Monthly / Regional Match. Finally, we will again use the automated Practiscore” system for USPSA & Multi-Gun moving forward.  You’ll access registration and match results at

Specific Match Info,


  • 6 Stages of Fire



Failure to abide by these rules will result in a match disqualification.


DO NOT handle firearms at your vehicles. Use the “Safe Areas” to case and uncase and or repair firearms.


Critical Safety Guidelines:


Please keep your firearms UNLOADED and CASED upon arrival. Chamber flags must be inserted upon exiting your vehicle for rifles and shotguns. Be sure to unload and place your chamber flag in your rifle and shotgun prior to arriving at Peacemaker. PNTC has chamber flags available at the HQ building.  Chamber Flags Are Required For Shotguns & Rifles - No Exceptions DO NOT HANDLE FIREARMS AT YOUR VEHICLE! Please bring your CASED and UNLOADED firearms to the “Safe Area” which will be located on the LIBERTY RANGE AREA. NO AMMO is allowed in the “Safe Area/s!” Ammo may be handled outside the “Safe Area.” Firearms may not be unholstered or loaded until on the line and under direction of a PNTC Range Officer. Once in the “Safe Area” you may uncase and holster your UNLOADED firearm. Please keep your magazine out of your handgun, and DO NOT remove your firearm from your holster or attempt to load until on the firing line when instructed to do so by a PNTC Range Officer.



NOTE: No bi-metal, No Wolf  Ammo, Tula Ammo, armor piercing, incendiary or tracer rounds allowed. If a magnet will pick up your rifle bullets, it cannot be used.



Additional Match Information:

Shooters must all report first and complete registration at PNTC HQ 60-30 minutes prior to match start time! You will receive a match ID bracelet showing that you have completed registration properly. You will also sign up on a squad in the PNTC HQ when you check in. The safety briefing starts 15 minutes prior to the match so please be on time.

Note: We will continue to allow shooters to register and pay at the door. However, in order for this to continue and not require payment up front, we are asking that you DO NOT sign up until you are certain you can make the match. Registering and taking up a spot hurts other shooters and the range, so please don’t sign up unless you fully intend on making the match.



Please no children under 10 years of age permitted as spectators or shooters! We will have special event days where children under will be permitted. Please do not bring a minor by yourself and shoot in the match. Minors must be under DIRECT SUPERVISON of a parent or legal guardian at ALL TIMES at PNTC. No junior Shooters under age 10. All junior shooters must remain with a parent and must show that they are able to be safe and have good conduct.




8:00 AM Registration 8:45   AM safety briefing & shooter’s meeting 9:00AM Match starts 3:30 PM Estimated Match Completion


Hearing & Eye Protection Baseball cap Range bag


The FNH Championship 3 Gun match rules will be in effect.

Scoring: Time + scoring.  Click here to review these rules




In order to shoot in this match you need to be able to safely operate a handgun, Rifle & Shotgun to include drawing from a holster. If you are uncomfortable drawing from a holster, safely operating a handgun or transitioning from rifle to pistol to shotgun safely you should NOT register for this match.  If you are close to being able to doing this, but need additional help, we recommend you take Peacemaker’s training courses to include Intro To Action Pistol & Intro to Multi-Gun which are listed at Successful completion of these courses will help prepare you for this type of competition.


Equipment and Ammo


Minimum ammunition & gear requirements:

100 rifle, 50 shot (#6 or smaller) 5 Slugs Minimum 100 handgun



Match Classes: 

Open - Handguns with optics and compensators and/or shotguns using optics, compensators, speed loaders or magazines. Tactical Scope – Rifle one optic, Handgun/shotgun, iron sights, no shotgun speedloaders. Tubular magazine shotguns only.  No supporting devices (bi-pods, mono-pods, etc.) Tactical Limited – handgun/shotgun. equipped with iron sights.  Rifle non magnified electronic or optical sight.  Tubular magazine shotguns only. No shotgun speed loaders.  No supporting devices (bi-pods, mono-pods, etc.) Heavy Metal Scope - .308 rifle, 12 gauge pump shotgun, tubular magazine shotguns only.  Handgun minimum .44 caliber.  Handgun/shotgun iron sights.  No shotgun speedloaders.  No supporting devices (bi-pods, mono-pods, etc.)  Heavy Metal Limited - .308 rifle one non-magnified electronic or optical sight, 12 gauge pump shotgun, tubular magazine shotguns only. handgun minimum .44 caliber.  Handgun/shotgun iron sights.  No shotgun speedloaders.  No supporting devices (bi-pods, mono-pods, etc.)



Members - $40 

Non-Members - $60 (additional $20 at registration)


Registration Link and/or Instructions:

The registration period for this event is over.

Safety Language:
  1. Please ensure that your firearm is UNLOADED and cased prior to arriving at PNTC. Please leave your training firearm cased and in your vehicle upon arrival. We will tell you when it's time to get your firearm.
  2. Please do not bring a "concealed carry" firearm into the training room. No ammunition or loaded firearms of any kind are permitted in the training room.

PNTC Staff/Instructors reserve the right to the determine successful or unsuccessful completion of the course based on, but not limited to, safety, attitude and/or overall skill development.