December Single Day Club Series Match - 12/2

Saturday 12/02/2017    |     08:00am   -   06:00pm

Event Group(s):

[ Competition ] [ Rifle ]
If you are taking a Peacemaker training class and or shooting in a Peacemaker competition, WE WILL HAVE AMMO FOR YOU TO SHOOT. You can purchase your ammo on your training or match day at our HQ building!


Shooters with semi-auto or bolt action rifle with magnified optics will engage targets out to 1,200 yards. This years format is a little different from past years. On Saturday 4 stages will run on Frontier and 5 will run on the main complex. Squads 1-3 will shoot on Frontier on Saturday morning then main complex Saturday afternoon. Squads 4-6 will start on the main complex then move to Frontier in the afternoon. Shooter are free to move to stages in any order they want in their areas. Shooters are also responsible to make to all the stages in their area before mid-day switch or end of shooting that day. Because of this format the only time shooter will be allowed to walk stages is on Friday. Stages and targets will be clearly marked and correspond with stage descriptions. Any questions can be asked at the match briefing or before shooting the stage. You will not be allowed to fondle the props during the match. Each stage will have guidelines for shooter position, equipment, time limit, round count and etc. On most cases any additional equipment needed for a stage will be deployed on the clock. This is a moderately physical event involving movement and positional shooting. Shooters will be tested on marksmanship as well as their ability to overcome physical and mental stress. Scores from this event will be submitted to PRS for club series points. Shooter must be registered with PRS Club series proir to shooting the match for your points to count. Follow the link to sign up for free. PRS Club Series
  • Registration and check at 7 AM on December 2 2017 at the PNTC HQ.
  • MANDATORY safety briefing is at 8 AM sharp on Sat December 2 2017 at the 1,000 yard line on our Patriot Range.
  • Match books will be handed out on site to registered shooter at check in.
  • Stages will be open on Friday after 12 PM for competitors to walk through.
  • Our public Independence range 50-300 yard zero range will be open until 5 PM to competitors on Friday December 1 2017 at no charge.
  • Once registered shooters will squad online through a return email link so make sure your email address is correct and check your spam inbox after you register.
  • Match will start at 9 AM  Saturday.
  • Kestrel will hold beginner and advanced product demonstration/tutorials prior to and or during the match. Please monitor this site for specific times and locations



Cost - $95

Registration Link and/or Instructions:

The registration period for this event is over.

Safety Language:
  1. Please ensure that your firearm is UNLOADED and cased prior to arriving at PNTC. Please leave your training firearm cased and in your vehicle upon arrival. We will tell you when it's time to get your firearm.
  2. Please do not bring a "concealed carry" firearm into the training room. No ammunition or loaded firearms of any kind are permitted in the training room.

PNTC Staff/Instructors reserve the right to the determine successful or unsuccessful completion of the course based on, but not limited to, safety, attitude and/or overall skill development.