PRS Pro Tips 2018 at Peacemaker National



Sat July 21 2017 & Sun July 22 2018

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Sponsors & onsite demo's will be announced soon



The PRS Pro Tips Weekend is a 2-Day Training Event like no other. The event focuses on allowing all levels of long range shooters the opportunity to shoot PRS stages with a PRS PRO LEVEL SHOOTER We'll have hand picked instructors on each stage training you on specific nuances of PRS & to relay techniques to you on how to shoot PRS matches better.  

Attention Precision Rifle Shooters, do you have an MOA or better rifle and scope combo? Can you shoot groups at 100 yards that hide behind a quarter, nickel or even a dime? Have you ever wanted to compete in a PRS match but don’t think you can because your only shooting experience is from a bench or prone?  Have you attended a precision rifle match with positional shooting and felt your performance suffered due to your lack of practice on improvised or positional shooting skills? If you answered yes to any of these questions then we have the training event for you.

Peacemaker National Training Center in conjunction with the Precision Rifles Series is proud to announce the first ever sanctioned PRS Pro Tips weekend at Peacemaker National. We have gathered  top PRS Pro level shooters for 1 weekend in the mountains of West Virginia. These competitive long range shooting professionals will be on each stage giving tips and techniques on shooting various PRS stages. In addition we have industry sponsors on site to demo their gear on various stages. If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to build a stable position on a rooftop simulator with modern shooting bags from such as a Wiebad Pump Pilliow shoot from a rooftop with an Armageddon Gear Gamechanger?  You will know after this weekend!

The format is simple and designed to allow shooter to shoot stages multiple times and with various stipulations. You may shoot stage 1 from VTAC barricade at 1 target from 4 different positions or multiple targets from different positions. And you won’t just be shooting off props, we will have prone areas for long range targets to practice hold over’s and wind bracketing techniques. 

Shooters with semi-auto or bolt action rifle with magnified optics will engage targets out to 1,000 yards. On both days 4 stages with various skill needs will run on one area and 4 stages useing other skills will run on another area. Youll shoot and train on both areas over the 2 day weekend event.  Shooters are also responsible to make to all the stages in their area before the end of each day. Stages and targets will be marked and correspond with stage descriptions. Each stage will have guidelines for shooter position, equipment, time limit, round count and etc. In most cases any additional equipment needed for a stage will be deployed on the clock. This is a moderately physical event involving movement and positional shooting. 



Shooter must have rifle and ammo capable of 1 MOA or better at 100 yards.  Rifle must have a good zero prior to event day. Scope must have exposed turrets with the ability to dial for elevation. Scope must also have reticle in MIL or MOA with graduations to hold over and under. Shooter must have adequate drop chart out to 1,000 yards.  If you or your equipment does not meet these requirements please email us to discuss a private training block to get you up to speed before the event.  


Key Match Information:

  • Registration and check from 7-8 AM Saturday July 21 2018 at PNTC HQ.
  • MANDATORY safety briefing is at 8 AM sharp on Saturday July 21 2018 at the 1,000 yard line on our Patriot Range.
  • Stage packets will be handed out on site to registered shooter at check in.
  • Our public Independence range 50-300 yard zero range will be open from 10 AM until 4:45 PM sharp to competitors on Friday July 20 2018 at no charge.
  • Once registered shooters will squad online through a return email link so make sure your email address is correct and check your spam inbox after you register.
  • Stages will open at 9 AM both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Food vendor will be on site for shooters/spectators to purchase lunch both days.
  • Various sponsors will be onsite to demo their products ​

Number of Shooters:

100 Total Shooters 

Course of Fire / Match Info:

  • 8 stages total
  • Distances will be given but laser range finders are permitted on certain stages.
  • Chamber flags are required!
  • Please keep all rifles unloaded until on the line ready to fire.
  • Spotting scope and tripod allowed, but no coaching. 

Maximum caliber and speed:

  • 30 Cal magnum
  • 3150 FPS

(NOTE: If you cannot register/pay online for any reason (including website failure) you MUST call 304-229-GUNS (4867) and pre-pay your match fee and register by phone. We will add you manually to the list. No refunds are given for any reason other than PNTC canceling the match for severe weather or otherwise authorized by PNTC management.


Additional Match Info:

  • 200 rounds rifle minimum.
  • Bipod, pack rests, slings, rear bags are permitted unless stage restrictions.
  • Suppressors permitted. (please bring your form 4)
  • Semi- Automatic or bolt actions permitted.


Required Safety Equipment

  • Hearing & Eye Protection
  • Range Bag or Ruck
  • Empty Chamber Flag Indicator

Facility-wide, Critical Match Safety Guidelines:

Please keep your firearm(s) unloaded and cased upon arrival to our ranges and do not handle them at your vehicle.  Once you reach a designated safe area, firearms can be uncased and a chamber flag inserted.  If you are in need of a chamber flag, they are available at PNTC HQ. Safe areas are to be kept free of ammunition at all times.  Firearms are not to be loaded until the shooter is on the firing line or under the direction of a PNTC Range Officer.

Again, DO NOT handle firearms at your vehicles.  Use the “Safe Areas” to case and uncase and/or repair firearms.

No bi-metal, armor piercing, incendiary or tracer rounds allowed. If a magnet sticks to a projectile, it cannot be used.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in disqualification and or removal from the event.



Please no children under 10 years of age permitted as spectators or shooters! We will have special event days where children under 10 will be permitted. Please do not bring a minor by yourself and shoot in the match. Minors must be under DIRECT SUPERVISON of a parent or legal guardian at ALL TIMES at PNTC. No junior Shooters under age 10. All junior shooters must remain with a parent and must show that they are able to be safe and have good conduct.

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Match Registration Location:

Peacemaker National Training Center HQ Building: 
1624 Brannons Ford Rd. Gerrardstown WV 25420 
Phone 304-229-GUNS (4867)