2020 IWI Multi-Gun Series

For 2020 PNTC will begin running UML 3Gun Rules in preparation for formal UML Membership in 2021. The UML Rules and Division Requirements are listed in the link below. PLEASE NOTE: We will not be offering the PCR (Pistol Caliber Rifle) Limited Division OR the PCR (Pistol Caliber Rifle) Open Division in 2020. We are excited to announce that IWI is the Title Sponsor. Zeiss is a Gold Level sponsor and additional participating sponsors will be announced soon. IWI will be recognizing the top two shooters in each division as well as the overall series winners with trophies. All prizes from participating sponsors in 2020 will be issued at random and/or to various winners at PNTC’s discretion.

UML 3Gun Rules: http://ussleagues.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/UML-Rules-2.0.pdf

Ammunition Requirements: It recommended that each competitor brings 100 Rifle Rounds, 150 Pistol Rounds, 50 Shotgun Shells and 10 Slugs (Slugs may not be used as stages will vary from match to match). Usually the total round count per stage is 30-35 total rounds. NOTE: If you are shooting only 2 Guns (Rifle & Pistol as an example) or using a PCC in this match, you need to increase your pistol rounds to supplement for shotgun rounds.

Location: Peacemaker National Training Center, 1624 Brannon’s Ford Road, Gerrardstown WV 25420


Match Fee: $40 PNTC Members / $50 For Non-PNTC Members


Title Sponsor:
Gold Sponsor: Zeiss
Additional sponsors will be announced soon


Series Overview

This three-match series is designed to be a challenging and affordable set of “one-day” club level matches. Points will not be cumulative for 2020.  These matches dates are listed below for 2020. In order to gain a spot in the match sign up as soon as the matches go live in Practiscore. Match links are provided below.


Each match will feature up to six dynamic stages with a variety of target distances ranging from close-range out to 500 yards.


Match Dates & Registration Links
Match 1

- Friday May 29 https://practiscore.com/pntc-3-gun-series-friday-squads/register

- Saturday May 30   https://practiscore.com/devil-dog-3-gun-series-finale-october-2019-clone/register 


Match 2
- Friday July 24th https://practiscore.com/iwi-3-gun-series-friday-squads-1/register


Match 3
- Friday Sept 4

- Saturday Sept 5 https://practiscore.com/clubs/peacemaker-national-training-center 


Match 4 

- Friday Oct 23 https://practiscore.com/pntc-3-gun-series-friday-squads-2/register 

- Saturday Oct 24   https://practiscore.com/pntc-3-gun-series-saturday-squads-1/register 

Match 5


You can also follow the series on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PNTCWV/


NOTE: If you cannot register/pay online for any reason (including website failure) you MUST call 304-229-GUNS (4867) and pre-pay your match fee and register by phone. We will add you manually to the list. No refunds are given for any reason other than at PNTC’s sole discretion for weather, extreme hardship and with the sole discretion of PNTC management.


NOTE: Peacemaker also offers a variety of long range and competition training. CLICK HERE TO VIEW COURSES


Number of Shooters
30 Shooters Per Day Total (6 Squads) 5 shooters per squad


Equipment minimum
Hearing & Eye protection
Range bag
Semi-auto rifle
Shotgun (Semi or pump)
Semi-auto pistol
Pistol holster that covers trigger guard and has some type of retention
2 Pistol magazines
2 Rifle magazines
Magazine pouches for pistol and rifle and a belt


Scoring & Rules: 


PNTC will begin using UML Rules ins 2020. Scoring is time plus points



- See complete rules including divisions found 


Any unsportsmanlike conduct at the sole determination of PNTC, at any time, may result in a match or series disqualification with no refund, no right to awards and/or prize table and/or lifetime a ban from PNTC


Keep your firearm(s)unloaded and cased upon arrival to our ranges and do not handle them at your vehicle! Once you reach a “safe area” firearms can be uncased and a chamber flag inserted. If you need a chamber flag, they are available at PNTC HQ for a nominal fee. Safe areas are to be kept free of ammunition at all times. Firearms are not to be loaded until the shooter is on the firing line or under the direction of a PNTC Range Officer. Failure to abide by these and PNTC rules will result in a match disqualification and/or permanent removal from PNTC


Minors: Please no children under 10 years of age permitted as spectators or shooters. All minors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and sign Minor Waiver at PNTC HQ. Do not bring a minor by yourself and shoot in the match. Minors must be under DIRECT SUPERVISON of a parent or legal guardian AT ALL TIMES at PNTC. All junior shooters must remain with a parent and must show that they are safe and have good conduct.

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