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3Gun Competition School Level 2 – 8/28/21

Course Overview

In this Level 2, 3Gun school you’ll learn from experienced hand selected 3Gun Competitors and instructors. We’ll start in the classroom and then immediately go to the range and start working on key drills that will make you a better 3Gun shooter.

In order to participate in this class you’ll need to be a safe shooter, have good gun handling skills be able to draw and holster handguns safely.

In this course we’ll focus on the following areas and additional areas:

– Competitive shooting techniques with the handgun, rifle and shotgun
– Stage planning
– Footwork
– Shooting and moving
– Reloading
– Gear management and gear advantages
– Importance of saving time and achieving accuracy
– Practice real 3Gun stages again and again and learn from mistakes or poor stage planning
– Understand the value of shot timers in training and stage execution
– Match etiquette and match scoring approaches

August 28 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm EDT

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