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Kahr Defensive Handgun Challenge Series Match 1, AM & PM Squads – 3/16/19

The Kahr Defensive Handgun Series is an action packed, dynamic set of handgun matches now in an exciting “series” format.  Over the past three years, Peacemaker and Kahr Arms have worked to continuously innovate the stages, props and special activities during each match. We’ll also have great matches and fun things to do, as many of these matches are on or around special holiday weekends such as St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Independence Day and Halloween.

Stages are similar to IPSC or IDPA, but with much less restrictions on stage procedures and target engagements. There is no power factor, special wooden box, concealment, cover, complicated divisions or classes. You can also participate in the PCC division if desired. Just come to the range, be safe and have a good time!

March 16

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