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Tactical 2Gun Level 1 – 11/09/19

Taught by hand selected PNTC Instructors, Marines, SWAT and/or Law Enforcement officers.

PNTC’s Tactical 2Gun class is a one-day world-class introductory level school that focuses on marksmanship, safe modern operation of the AR and handgun in tandem. It also focuses on achieving a high level of skill with a handgun and AR in close quarters.

Moreover, this course refines the critical techniques of: transitioning from rifle to pistol and pistol to rifle, engaging multiple targets, moving and shooting and shooting from cover. Students shoot 250 rounds over the duration of the school and experience some of the world’s best training on incredible target systems and ranges.

This is not your normal day at the range and we’ll show you how to utilize the AR and handgun to its full potential. You should also be prepared for a variety of defensive scenarios. If you want the world’s best tactical training from some of the world’s best instructors, on incredible ranges, PNTC’s Tactical 2Gun School is for you!

Course Includes

Safety Review & Instruction

Rifle, Optics & Gear Review

Fundamental Defensive Carbine Operation Instruction

Fundamental Handgun Skills Training

Basic Tactical Sling Skills Instruction

Carbine Zero Techniques

Loading / Reloading & Malfunctions

Positional Shooting Skills & Drills

Multiple Target Engagement & Target Transition Drills

Firearm Transition Drills

Basic’s of Shooting with Movement & Moving To Cover & Shooting From Cover

Close Quarters Target Engagement Skills

Scenario Based Skills & Drills


  • Eye & Ear protection (electronic hearing protection recommended)
  • Serviceable carbine – typical calibers are 9mm, 45 ACP, 30 cal, 5.56 mm, 7.62 x 39mm
  • Serviceable sling- suitable for a variety of shooting positions – tactical type preferred
  • Minimum 1 magazine pouch
  • Minimum of 3 serviceable magazines
  • 125 rounds of rifle ammo
  • High Capacity handgun or 1911 in 9mm, 40S&W or 45 ACP
  • 2 Mag pouches for handgun
  • 3 or more handgun magazines
  • Proper safe & working Outside the waistband handgun holster (NO SERPA HOLSTERS!)
  • Suitable range wear depending on the season
  • Hat, sunscreen, bug spray etc
  • Bring your lunch. PNTC has snacks and drinks for a small fee.

Course Cost:

$200 PNTC Members

$225 Non-Members

$0 PNTC Training Members


This school is basic and suitable for all SAFE and responsible shooters who are looking to take the next step in their performance. Also, the course is idea for those shooters with a military, law enforcement or tactical shooting background OR competitive shooting background; You should be in adequate physical condition and be able to stand, bend and move for several hours outdoors; You should also be able to fire from the prone position.

Geographic Location:

Peacemaker National Training Center: Gerrardstown West Virginia (just West of Washington DC)

How To Get There:

Fly to Dulles International airport and take rental vehicle to facility.


Lodging can be booked at this link via NRA Outdoors/Peacemaker’s Lodging Partners: peacemakernational.com/lodgingPartners(We have found that Hampton Inn tends to offer the best rates for our class)

By registering for this course student accepts all of the following; 

  • All students agree that all information taught will be used for lawful defensive or lawful recreational purposes only
  • Student accepts that upon enrolling, PNTC reserves the right to remove students without refund for unsafe, rude or unusual behavior or in the event that students are unable to reasonably carry out training and or live fire
  • Student confirms that they are not a convicted felon and are lawfully permitted to use and own legal firearms under the United States Constitution.
  • Student must also accept that this course will cover basic rifle marksmanship skills

NOTE: We have ammo available for purchase: 223, 5.56, 308, 9mm etc


  1. Please ensure that your firearm is UNLOADED and cased prior to arriving at PNTC. Please leave your training firearm cased and in your vehicle upon arrival. We will tell you when it’s time to get your firearm.
  2. Please do not bring a “concealed carry” firearm into the training room.  No ammunition or loaded firearms of any kind are permitted in the training room.

PNTC  Staff/Instructors reserve the right to the determination of the successful or unsuccessful completion of the course of the individual student based on, but not limited to, safety, attitude and/or overall skill development. PNTC also reserves the right to remove any student for any safety purposes, or highly unusual or disruptive behavior with or without refund based on PNTC’s sole determination. 

November 9 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm EST

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Non-Member Pricing


Additional Fees

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