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The Peacemaker National Training Center which opened in 2011, is located just 45 miles west of Washington DC's Dullus Airport in Glengary, WV. Peacemaker is a very special and state of the art national level shooting sports complex, large event center ideal for filming.

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The complex boasts approximately 2000 Appalachian acres with views that are unspeakably beautiful, private and ideal for large or small film productions. Peacemaker is also a great fit for historical, military and or a wide variety of outdoor film productions.


Peacemaker has incredible “World Class” expertise surrounding firearms use, training, instruction and film consultation. Currently we hold more shooting sports competitions than any other facility in the United States, manage the world’s most prestigious shooting competition, the “NRA World Shooting Championship” and have hosted events such as the “ToughMudder.” Peacemaker also has the ability to assist with military, historical and/or firearms related films in an advisory capacity.


Peacemaker Complex Overview / World Shooting Championship


Tough Mudder (A Great Video To See The Scope Of The Complex)


Additionally, since Peacemaker hosts a variety of events, we have heavy equipment, transportation vehicles, trucks, atv’s, supplemental event staff, tools, tents, secure buildings / facilities, staff support and local supplier contacts that are proven reliable and cost effective.

military tank in front of Peacemaker National Training Center

Film History


“The World Wars”  - History Channel ‘s global event premiering May 26th 2014, broadcast to more than 160 countries worldwide.

Since Peacemaker is so new, our participation in the film business is just now surfacing. In October 2013, Peacemaker hosted the Emmy winning production group, “Stephen David Entertainment,” for production of  “The World Wars” project.  “The World Wars” which aired on the History Channel May 26th, 2014.

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Additional Mainstream Filming:

Outdoor Industry Filming

  • American Rifleman TV (Outdoor Channel) -
  • 3Gun Nation (Sportsman Channel)
  • Long Range Pursuit (Sportsman Channel)
  • Hot Shots TV (Sportsman Channel)
man holding rifle
people at shooting range

Key Facts & Offerings


  • 2000 Acres of beautiful & private appalachian property very near Washington, DC
  • Large event facility with heavy equipment, tractors, transportation vehicles, trucks, atv’s, tents, tools, secure buildings, tables, chairs, welding, construction expertise, excavation expertise and local supplier networks in place
  • Climate controlled conference room with LCD TV’s, secure wireless access
  • Support network of hotels with special rates, food service, niche product support and service providers etc.


Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that Peacemaker is far more than a beautiful facility with the above capabilities.  At Peacemaker, we are completely dedicated to your success. When 3am hits, adversity surfaces and your project is in a tough spot, we will be there to help you find a way to achieve success.

sign for the Peacemake National Training Center in Glengary, WV

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