Rifle Ranges

1000 Yard Range

Our ranges include a 1,000 yard rifle range which has an an excellent array of steel targets. You can’t find ranges like this just anywhere. We offer long-range rifle shooting courses for members and non-members, where we teach the anatomy of a long-range shot.

Our 1000 yard range is exclusively for our members. Contact us today to learn about membership benefits and details- click here.


Patriot Range

Our Patriot Range  has nine professional concrete shooting benches under a covered pavilion. Each lane is covered at the 1,000 yard line with official IBS benches. Firing points at 1000, 600 & 500 yards make this range ideal for F-Class practice, Benchrest practice and long-range rifle training. You've got to check this range out!  Contact us to schedule your tour today!

Independence Range

Peacemaker National offers some of the most advanced rifle ranges in the world. Specifically we offer a wonderful “Sighting in Range” sponsored by Sig Sauer. Our Independence Range has 18 professional shooting benches under a covered pavilion. Shooting distances include 50, 100, 200 & 300 yards. This is an ideal place to sight-in your gun before a hunt or to work on your mid-range aim.  Members enjoy FREE access to our Independence Range, while the public can get access to this range for $40/day.


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