Kahr Steel Challenge Matches


Match Dates: Mar 21, 2020  May 9, 2020 July 4, 2020  Dec 12, 2020

Sanctioned PNTC Steel Challenge matches are FREE for PNTC members and only $30.00 for non-members. NON MEMBERS PAY ATTHE DOOR FOR ONLY THIS MATCH! There are 8 stages and 4 squads. PNTC will set 4 different steel challenge stages each match. Each squad will shoot each stage twice.

If you are registering to shoot a second gun in the match. Please call in to register and pay. Each additional gun is $0 for members and $18 for non members. Call 304-229-GUNS (4867)

Round Count Minimum: 200 rounds. You may shoot as much as 250 rounds. Additional ammo will be available for sale at the PNTC shop.


Match Description
Steel Challenge is a fun speed shooting competition governed by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) that consists of eight total standardized stages.
At PNTC we’ll also typically rotate the Steel Challenge stages each month. We will submit scores to Steel Challenge Shooting Association.




 Steel Challenge Matches Dates & Registration Links


Match equipment
Eye and ear protection
Handgun – 9mm, 40, 45, 22
OR Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) in 9, or 45
Holster for all center fire handguns (must cover trigger guard)
Minimum of 3 magazines and magazine pouches/holders
Minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition
Range bag for your equipment
Members: FREE
Non-members $30


Keep your firearm(s) unloaded and cased upon arrival to our ranges and do not handle them at your vehicle. Once you reach a designated safe area, firearms can be uncased and a chamber flag inserted. If you are in need of a chamber flag FOR Pistol Caliber Carbines, they are available at PNTC HQ. For handguns, please keep your magazine out and the slide locked back while leaving it in the safe area. If you plan to keep your handgun holstered during a match, it needs to be free of ammunition and magazine until directed by a PNTC Range Officer. Safe areas are to be kept free of ammunition at all times. Firearms are not to be loaded until the shooter is on the firing line or under the direction of a PNTC Range Officer.


DO NOT handle firearms at your vehicle. Use the “Safe Areas” to case, uncase and/or repair firearms. No bi-metal, armor piercing, incendiary or tracer rounds allowed. If a magnet sticks to a projectile, it cannot be used. Failure to abide by these rules will result in a match disqualification.
Please no children under 10 years of age permitted as spectators or shooters! We will have special event days where children under 10 will be permitted. Please do not bring a minor by yourself and shoot in the match. Minors must be under DIRECT SUPERVISON of a parent or legal guardian at ALL TIMES at PNTC. No Junior Shooters under age 10. All Junior Shooters must remain with a parent and must show that they are able to be safe and have good conduct.
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