Sig Sauer Super Steel Series 

Match Description

Peacemaker’s Super Steel Series is now title sponsored by Sig Sauer! Random incredible give away products from Sig will occur at various points during the series!

These matches are an affordable series of fun, fast-paced, high round count, all steel informal competitions open to a variety of handguns, shotgun and pistol caliber carbines. For each match we put together a 5 stage event with as many as 60 pieces of steel which are engaged engage in 60 seconds. Stages vary from traditional USPSA with walls and fault lines to shooting gallery stages or stages with multiple shooting boxes. Each match offers AM & PM Squads on Saturday and now Sunday squads!  If you are shooting other matches on Saturday you can shoot Super Steel on Sundays while space is available, so be sure to sign up when registration open. For Sunday Squads match check-in at PNTC HQ opens at 9:30AM Sunday and the mandatory safety briefing starts at 10AM.

Match Dates & Registration Links

March 23 & 24

April 27 & 28

May 25 & 26

July 27 & 28

Sat Nov 16

Match Divisions


Center-fire handgun with any or all of the following: Optics, Compensator, Magazine greater than 140 mm or suppressor.


Center-fire handgun with iron sights and a magazine no longer than 140 mm.

Single Stack

Center-fire handgun with iron sights and a single stack magazine that holds no more than 10 rounds.


Any shotgun, no restrictions (No ammo over #6)


Pistol caliber carbine (9mm up to 45 Cal) fired from the shoulder, no equipment restrictions.


Any Rimfire pistol or rifle, no equipment restrictions.

Match Scoring

Each stage will have a specific stage procedure. Scoring is Time Plus with a 5 second penalty for each piece of steel left standing.

Match equipment:

Eye and ear protection

Holster for all center-fire handguns (must cover trigger guard)

Minimum of 3 magazines and magazine pouches/holders

Minimum of 250 rounds of ammunition

Range bag for you equipment



PNTC Members $35

Non-PNTC members $40

Keep your firearm(s)unloaded and cased upon arrival to our ranges and do not handle them at your vehicle! Once you reach a “safe area” firearms can be uncased and a chamber flag inserted. If you need a chamber flag, they are available at PNTC HQ for a nominal fee.

Safe areas are to be kept free of ammunition at all times. Firearms are not to be loaded until the shooter is on the firing line or under the direction of a PNTC Range Officer.

Failure to abide by these and PNTC rules will result in a match disqualification and/or permanent removal from PNTC

Minors: Please no children under 10 years of age permitted as spectators or shooters. All minors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and sign Minor Waiver at PNTC HQ. Do not bring a minor by yourself and shoot in the match. Minors must be under DIRECT SUPERVISON of a parent or legal guardian AT ALL TIMES at PNTC. All junior shooters must remain with a parent and must show that they are safe and have good conduct.

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