Who We Are

Peacemaker National Training Center is the largest shooting sports complex on the east coast. Our mission is to provide the responsible law abiding citizen with a world-class place to safely learn and practice the various legal disciplines of the shooting sports. At PNTC all of our ranges are staffed by NRA range safety officers and or PNTC certified instructors whenever they are operational.

Today we have seventeen ranges which support virtually every type of competitive and recreational firearms use.

Examples of PNTC Ranges:

  • 1000 yard rifle range with electronic target systems.
  • 50-300 yard rifle sight in range.
  • Nine tactical ranges with Bianchi Cup & dynamic steel targetssystems.
  • Sporting Clays, Wobble Trap, Skeet & 5-Stand.
  • Various Training Ranges.

Key Things To Know About PNTC:

  • Other than Camp Perry, PNTC hosts more firearms competitions than any other range complex in the nation
  • PNTC routinely hosts televised events and national level matches
  • PNTC offers range time for members to practice recreational shooting virtually every day we are open.
  • PNTC holds affordable world class training courses in almost every discipline including world class introductory level classes in most marksmanship areas and personal defense
  • PNTC has an amazing firearms store where we specialize in offering: Colt, FNH USA & Gunwerks rifles. We also offer specialized and quality shooting range related gear and clothing
  • PNTC does allow some non-PNTC training to our customers at our facility. We do this because we believe that good students should always diversify their training and take from other competent instructors. If you see other non training courses on our site we encourage you to consider taking these classes.
  • PNTC is a proud NRA, NSSF, IDPA, USPSA, SASS, NSCA & NSSA organization
  • Access is based on membership and also has a public access component.
  • PNTC members will ALWAYS receive priority in terms of range time, ammo availability and discounts on training and retail items.

We invite you to visit PNTC and we’ll be glad to show you the facility and talk to you about benefits of membership. 



1624 Brannons Ford Rd. 
Gerrardstown, WV 25420 

Note: Peacemaker is actually located in Glengary WV,

the Gerrardstown address is a post office designation

and is our correct address and location.