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New memberships at PNTC have been capped and are currently not available.

Existing members must renew their memberships by their expiration date. All members will have a 14 day grace period to ensure their membership is current and in good standing. If a member has not renewed their membership by their actual expiration date, that member may not access the range or use guest passes during the grace period  until their membership is current. Once a member's 14 day grace period has expired, that member will be required to join the waitlist and wait until a membership spot opens, and complete the membership application process in order to become a current member of PNTC.

Peacemaker National is the East Coast’s largest shooting sports complex and training facility. Our ranges are modern, built to world class standards.

Designed in part by senior NRA staff, we've built this facility for our members and guests. While memberships are capped. PNTC will have a waitlist avalable soon. So be sure to join the waitlist and lock in your your place in line to join Peacemaker. And with Annual Memberships at only $200 plus tax you’ll agree that membership at Peacemaker offers a lot of perks!

Our ranges include:

  • A 1,000 yard long range rifle range, complete with an NRA completion approved electronic target system and or steel target systems sponsored by Vortex Optics
  • An incredible sighting in rifle range sponsored by Sig Sauer.
  • A dedicated shotgun sports range area with modern skeet houses, wobble trap and a great 5 Stand course
  • 10 Linear tactical ranges used for recreation and AR rifle practice, handgun practice, 3Gun, IDPA, USPSA, Cowboy Action and a wide variety of defensive and competition training


Contact us  for more information about becoming a member of Peacemaker National.

Please Contact Or Call (304) 229-4867 To Make Payment For Your Membership.

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