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Basic Handgun Fundamentals

In this course you’ll learn the safe, proper use and operation of handguns. This class is extremely affordable, is only four (4) hours, and is taught by Peacemaker’s hand selected extremely qualified, professional, polite instructors. You’ll start out in our digital climate controlled classrooms and complete the training with a variety live fire training and drills. 

Desigend specifically for legal and responsible citizens at an affordable price, our unique overall course will cover:

– PROPER SAFETY – Gun handling best practices, loading & unloading and proper storage. 

– Handgun Types (We’ll have a variety of handguns available for you to examine and experience)

– Components of Handguns (What each part of the handgun is how it works)

– Marksmanship Fundamentals – You’ll learn the best basics in the world and learn to shoot accurately and safely. We’ll cover  Grip, Sights, Trigger, Recoil Managment, Stance etc

By the time you are done this course, you’ll have obtained a proper basic training with a handgun! 

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