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Basic Home Defense, Force-on-Force Saturday, June 10th

Course Overview

Basic Home Defense Force on Force Saturday June 10th. Office opens for sign-in 0830 Class begins: 9:00AM Class ends: 2:00PM.

Objective Statement: To provide the student with knowledge and training experience that will prepare them to effectively plan, prepare, and execute actions in defense of life within the home. The course is moderately physical and will require students to stand, crouch, walk, and run. This course is structured to be an introduction to Force-on-Force training centered on the practicalities and logistics of defensive firearm use in the home. The course will provide students with information on subjects such as logistical preparation of the home, fields of fire, selection of defensible space, effective communication with other home occupants/responding law enforcement, and threat assessment/identification/response. Students will employ this information in walk-through as well as live action (Airsoft) formats. Emphasis will be placed on effective decision making under pressure and the ability to articulate the rationale for a decision. While the course will employ handgun simulators (airsoft and blue guns) the material is mostly applicable to long gun use as well. Please note that ALL firing will be done in the shoot house using airsoft firearm simulators and the student does NOT need to bring his or her sidearm to participate.

Course Includes

Safety Review & Instruction

Loading/Reloading and Malfunctions

Positional Shooting Skills and Drills

Basics of Shooting with Movement & Moving to Cover & Shooting from Cover

Multiple Target Transition Engagement Skills

Close Quarters Target Engagement Skills

Scenario Based Skills & Drills


Required Materials:

• Sturdy, closed toe, footwear appropriate for the season and for aggressive movement.

• Long pants and long sleeve shirt/jacket appropriate for the season and of sturdy material construction. Airsoft pellets are intended to hurt and thus we don’t suggest wearing thin, flexible, materials such as compression shirts or yoga pants as an outer layer.

• Paper and writing instrument for note taking. Tablets are acceptable but there is no electrical service in the shoot house.

• Water, sports drinks, snacks as required by student dietary needs. There will NOT be a lunch break.

• A handheld flashlight with spare batteries. No, you do NOT need to go buy a fancy “tactical” light. We suggest bringing what you have at home ALREADY to learn its abilities/limitations.

Optional Materials:

• Protective mask appropriate for paintball/airsoft. Staff retains the right to compel use of company provided PPE. Masks are available on location, use included with course fee.

• Gloves to protect hands during Force-on-Force exercises.

• A scarf or neck gaiter

Course Cost:

PNTC Members $200

Non-Members $225


This course requires that all students have taken a Basic Pistol Course of some kind.  You should be in adequate physical condition and be able to stand, bend and move for several hours outdoors. Every effort will be made to accommodate a shooter with physical disability provided that it can be done in compliance with all safety requirements.

By registering for this course student accepts all of the following;

  • Student agrees that all information taught will be used for lawful defensive or lawful recreational purposes, only.
  • Student accepts that upon enrolling, PNTC reserves the right to remove students without refund for unsafe, rude or unusual behavior or in the event that students are unable to reasonably-carry out training and/or live fire.
  • Student confirms that they are not a convicted felon and are lawfully permitted to use and own legal firearms in the United States


Do not bring a “concealed carry” firearm into the training room.  No ammunition or loaded firearms of any kind are permitted in the training room.

You are subject to a cursory, external pat-down to ensure no firearms or ammunition are accidentally brought into the class.

Peacemaker Staff/Instructors reserve the right to the determination of the successful or unsuccessful completion of the course of the individual student based on, but not limited to, safety, attitude and/or overall skill development. Peacemaker also reserves the right to remove any student for any safety purposes, or highly unusual or disruptive behavior, with or without refund based on Peacemaker’s sole determination. 

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