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Basic Rifle Fundamentals – 2/28/21

Course Overview

Rifle courses at Peacemaker are at the foundation of what we know best as a firearms training center.  From hunting, to recreation, to defensive rifle, to long-range precision, Peacemaker understands what it takes to become highly proficient with the rifle.

In this initial course we begin in our digital classroom and set the foundation for truly helping students understand the most important aspects of becoming a highly proficient rifle shooter. We properly define the “Rifle System” which is rifle, ammo & shooter and show how all parts of the rifle system are critical to true accuracy.

We also detail the foundational marksmanship principles and show the correct ways to apply these techniques in the classroom and on the range.

Finally, we spend time on Peacemaker’s advanced rifle ranges where each student applies live fire techniques taught in the classroom portion of the course.

Whether you’re a marine veteran or a beginner just learning the rifle, this is a great place to get a “world class” understanding of rifle safety, accuracy, and timeless marksmanship skills.

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