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Every Day Concealed Carry Course – 3/27/21

Course Overview

PNTC offers responsible citizens an affordable World Class Every Day Concealed Carry Course. You’ll need to be experienced drawing from concealment to participate!

We take advantage of PNTC’s incredible defensive simulator, live fire ranges, props, targets and instructors. The course is conducted with carry guns and is all about protecting yourself from concealment!

We’ll review: SAFETY, foundational concealed carry marksmanship skills, concealed carry draw, firing in close quarters, defending agaist knives, moving attackers, moving and shooting, critical use of sights and how much of your sights are needed to make various shots at various distances.

More than just a class PNTC will challenge your approach to concealed carry. You’ll LOVE the simulator work as well and you’ll appreciate getting off the square range and dealing with as real as it gets simulated attack situations! 

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