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Handgun Competition Level 2 – 3/14/21

Course Overview

Are you an entry level or intermediate competitive shooter? Or are you a safe and capable shooter who wants to learn how to compete in the competitive handgun shooting? If so this level 2 Handgun competition school is for you!

In this course you’ll start in the classroom and then move to the range where you’ll learn valuable techniques in: Safety, gun handling, draw technique, target transition, movement, shooting and moving, reloading, gear management, stage planning, stage execution, weak hand, strong hand and valuable lessons in combining speed and accuracy. You’ll also spend time on our competitive shooting simulator! (You’ll LOVE this)

On the range We’ll focus on critical drills meant to improve your competitive shooting abilities, we’ll also focus on USPSA style of shooting and shoot actual courses of fire from USPSA/IDPA, Steel Challenge, Falling Steel and/or NRA Action Pistol.

Students should bring their own safe and serviceable handgun, either revolver or pistol, in a caliber of .45, .40, 9mm, at least two extra magazines (Try to bring at least 4 mags) or speed-loaders and belt carriers for the same, a holster and sturdy belt.

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