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Intermediate Long Range Rifle School Presented by Zeiss

PNTC’s intermediate long range school presented by Zeiss, is a step up from PNTC’s Intro to Long Range but still offers an incredible value & rivals any school you can take.

The school is ideal for newer long range shooters or those who have completed PNTC’s Intro Long Range OR have a basic understanding level of safe rifle shooting skills. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE TAKEN PNTC’s INTRO TO LONG RANGE if you are new to long range shooting the Intro Level Course will help.

This course is also perfect for military, LE or seasoned shooters. This school is where competition level skills are taught & bad habits are broken. We’ll shoot out to 1000 yards

You’ll learn critical air density, parallax, and wind reading skills at a pro level. You’ll also learn and apply advanced level concepts of spin drift, coriolis and mirage. We’ll also look deeply at your long range shooting skills and spend significant time on identifying/breaking your habits and teaching critical long range shooting skills.

Whether you’re a recreational shooter, competition shooter, marine veteran, army ranger, law enforcement rifleman, hunter or a learning about long range shooting rifle, this is a great place to improve your long range shooting skills.

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