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Tactical 2Gun Level 2 – 4/25/21

Course Overview

PNTC’s Tactical 2Gun class is a one-day world-class introductory level school that focuses on marksmanship, safe modern operation of the AR and handgun in tandem. It also focuses on achieving a high level of skill with a handgun and AR in close quarters.

Taught by hand selected PNTC Instructors, Marines, SWAT and/or Law Enforcement officers.  The PNTC Tactical 2GUN Level 2 Class is a one-day world-class school that focuses on safe, defensive modern operation of the AR and Handgun in tandem. THIS COURSE IS HEAVILY BASED ON MOVEMENT AND SHOOTING AND MOVING! You’ll learn close quarters skills and engage targets at intermediate ranges. You’ll understand shooting and moving skills, positional shooting and intermediate range approaches that make hitting targets at various ranges possible. Moreover, this course stresses intermediate level techniques of: transitioning from rifle to pistol and pistol to rifle, engaging multiple targets, moving and shooting and shooting from cover.

Students shoot approximately 100 Rounds of Rifle & 100 Rounds of Handgun over the duration of the school and experience some of the world’s best training on incredible target systems and ranges.

This is not your normal day at the range and we’ll show you how to utilize the AR and handgun to its full potential. If you want some of the world’s best tactical training from some of the world’s best instructors, on incredible ranges, PNTC’s Tactical 2Gun School is for you!

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