Mykonos Island

Mykonos has gained such huge popularity today that it has eclipsed even the Hawaiian Islands, beloved by many! The island of Mykonos (Greece, Cyclades), where you can easily meet a huge number of world-class stars, whether they are theater and cinema actors, top models or world-famous couturiers? An island that is famous for the most magical sunsets on the entire Greek coast? Meet all this Mykonos, Greece. This Greek paradise is widely known for its cosmopolitan character, which is primarily associated with the favorable geographical location of the island. Conveniently located at the intersection of all the most important sea routes of the Aegean Sea, the island of Mykonos attracts thousands of guests of various nationalities, as well as a variety of social strata. Here, in the unimaginable rhythm of night and day life, both incredibly wealthy people who arrived on the island on their own yacht and informal youth without a permanent income feel easy and comfortable.

The nightlife on Mykonos is incomparable with any other Greek island, it does not freeze here for a second. Mykonos has a reputation as one of the most expensive and elite Greek islands, as such a number of prestigious nightclubs and fine restaurants can not be found anywhere else in Greece. And during the day, many fashionable boutiques and elite spa centers are open to tourists, where real socialites like to spend time. But the atmosphere of the island is so cheerful and incendiary that everyone who once got here remains conquered by this place forever.

Of particular interest to visitors to the island is the city of Chora - one of the two cities on Mykonos, considered the most beautiful port in all of Greece. The city at first glance fascinates with the beauty of boiling white houses with neat balconies, as well as many church domes and crosses against the blue sky. Picturesque windmills add a certain zest to the town and a unique entourage. Going for a walk through the maze of narrow streets, you will immediately feel the whirlwind of unique emotions that only a vacation in Mykonos will allow you to feel.

The outstanding attraction of the city of Chora is the Ethnographic Museum, located in the old part of the city and built right next to the ancient fortress wall. The museum is rightfully proud of its most unusual exhibit - the stuffed pelican Petros, which has served as a living symbol of the island for 29 years.

Tours to Mykonos are also famous for an inimitable beach holiday, where under the rays of the gentle Greek sun you can buy an incomparable "chocolate" tan and soak up in a chaise longue with a glass of cool cocktail in your hand, lazily watching as the unhurried waves of the azure sea gently drench the sandy shores. The dry Mediterranean climate opens up ample opportunities for a luxurious holiday by the sea during the entire tourist season.

Hotels in Mykonos will surprise the traveler with a higher level of service for the generally accepted world standard. It is possible that in a room of an ordinary two-star hotel you will be offered air conditioning, a refrigerator and a TV, while a five-star hotel will amaze with incredible luxury and exquisite taste, usually inherent only in luxury rooms. But regardless of the number of stars, each of the hotels in Mykonos offers its guests excellent conditions for relaxation and a unique atmosphere of complacency, comfort and Greek hospitality. body rub nyc
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