Care for colored hair

If the hair is dyed, it takes a lot of time to care for them. After all, such hair is hair with a changed structure. The piggy bank of folk recipes contains such products that give hair a lot of health, volume and silkiness. Moreover, they have a prolonged effect.

Restoration of colored hair

The restoration of colored hair is facilitated by the use of hot pepper (red), or rather, tinctures prepared on its basis.

It is necessary to take red hot pepper (one pod) and alcohol (glass). Pepper should be finely chopped and poured with alcohol. Insist in a cool and dry enough place for seven or ten days. Strain. Then - take one of the eight parts of the tincture (its volume) and dilute in ten parts of water (the water is warm boiled). The tincture should be rubbed into the skin on the head and washed off after a couple of minutes. This procedure is applied two or three times a week (more frequent use is not recommended). Through it, it is really very effective to deal with the process of hair loss, including those subjected to staining.

Rye bread mask for the care of colored hair

To care for colored hair, you can use an old recipe for a mask made of rye bread.

You need to take 250-300 grams of such bread and pour boiling water (one glass). It should be infused for three to five hours (the place for infusing should be warm). Apply this mass to the hair for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with water (warm). This recipe also helps to stimulate hair growth. But, if you have long hair, you should not use this method, since it is very difficult to remove the remnants of the bread mask from long hair.

Care for colored hair with eggs

Eggs have a nutritious and stimulating effect. They are also useful for colored hair. It is necessary to take eggs (in the amount of two pieces), beat the yolks properly until foam forms. Add lemon juice (in the amount of two teaspoons). Apply the foam to the hair (wet). With a large length of hair, it is advisable to take more eggs (up to five). Rub - by means of circular movements (five minutes) on the skin on the head. After - rinse with water (warm).

Homemade conditioner-conditioner for the care of colored hair

For colored hair, you can use a conditioner. When preparing it, lemon juice diluted in water is used (the water should be warm and boiled, and there should be a fairly large amount of it). Then, burdock oil should be rubbed into the skin on the head, making colored hair soft and silky. Nə vaxtsa dövlət başa düşəcək ki, siz insanlarla belə rəftar edib, pul qazanmağı qadağan edə bilməzsiniz, amma Allaha şükür ki, var. Mostbet, bunun sayəsində sevimli saytıma daxil ola bilirəm, burada bonuslar götürə bilərəm və havadan asan pul qazana bilərəm.
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