Lapua Practical Rimfire Challenge (PRC)

Series Overview

The Lapua Practical Rimfire Challenge Series (PRC) is now in its 3rd year, with Lapua as the Title Sponsor. Gold Level sponsors are Zeiss, Magnum Research and CMP Steel Targets. Additional supporting sponsors will be announced soon. To become a series sponsor, please email  Subject Line: PRC Sponsor Request.

The 2019 Lapua PRC Series is a FIVE match series with a significant prize table, shot over the course of the 2019 shooting season at the Peacemaker National Training Center. There will be an exciting finale with special stages to end the series.

The Practical Rimfire Challenge (PRC) is designed to provide the full test of a shooter --  .22LR rifle, ammunition and optics out to 300 to 500 yards. While most stages focus on long range positional shooting skills, shooters will encounter stages in natural terrain, stages with in movement, Olympic Stages of fire, Collegiate stages of fire and/or Smallbore style stages. Safe and responsible amateur and professional shooters are welcome!


Series Match Dates: Mar 23/24, May 25/26, June 22/23, July 27/28, Oct 5

Registration is now open for the March match, with future match registrations opening day after each match is complete. Space is limited. Reserve your spot while space is available.

Sunday Squads Match Safety Briefing Starts At 10AM Sharp. The Match Starts Directly after the briefing at approximately 10:15AM.


Series Match 1 (You can now shoot on Saturday or Sunday)

March 23 (Saturday Squads) CLICK TO REGISTER

March 24 (Sunday Squads) CLICK TO REGISTER


Series Match 2 (You can now shoot on Saturday or Sunday)

May 25 (Saturday Squads) CLICK TO REGISTER

May 26 (Sunday Squads) CLICK TO REGISTER


Series Match 3 (You can now shoot on Saturday or Sunday)

June 22 (Saturday Squads) CLICK TO REGISTER

June 23 (Sunday Squads) CLICK TO REGISTER 

Series Match 4 (You can now shoot on Saturday or Sunday)

July 27 (Saturday Squads) CLICK TO REGISTER

July 28 (Sunday Squads) CLICK TO REGISTER


PRC Series Finale Match 5  (The PRC finale is only available on Saturday!)



Match Information

  • Shooters select either semi-auto or bolt action division. All rifles must be chambered in 22 LR and have magnified optics
  • Suppressors in both divisions are frequently used and are accepted (Be sure to have your suppressor paperwork with you at all times and maintain possession of your suppressor at all times)
  • Series matches 1, 2, 3 & 4 will offer Saturday squads and Sunday squads, allowing shooters to have the scheduling flexibility they need to shoot the match. The Series Finale is ONLY available on Saturday and will NOT offer Sunday squads.
  • The match website is
  • The PRC Facebook Page is
  • Each stage will have course of fire guidelines for shooter position, equipment, time limit, round count, etc.
  • In most cases, any additional equipment needed for a stage will be deployed on the clock.
  • This is a moderately physical event involving movement and positional shooting. We highly recommend you come prepared with an accurate rifle zeroed, with drop chart out to 300+ yards. It is also recommended that you have a magnified optic with MOA or MIL reticle capable of 10+ Mils or 32+ MOA elevation. You will not have time to zero before the event. Some concessions will be made for Junior or special needs shooters to complete the stages.
  • If you would like to be a Range Officer (RO) and compete in this event without a match fee charge, you MUST send an email with this request to forest@peacemakernational.comSubject Line: PRC RO Request. Requests to be an RO are just that, they are requests. Requests must be approved by the match director prior to each event. RO’s are expected to have solid leadership skills, proper manners, high integrity and support the match director and the PRC sport.

Additional Match Information

  • For Saturday squads check in opens at 7 AM at PNTC HQ
  • The MANDATORY safety briefing is at 8AM sharp at the Patriot range. The match begins promptly at 9AM.
  • Stage descriptions will be on each stage or be provided to shooters
  • Squads will have an RO with them all day shooting the stages
  • Competitors are asked to assist in spotting and scoring
  • Anyone may communicate with the match director regarding safety, rules, scoring, procedure, etc.
  • Once registered, shooters will squad online through a return email link. Make sure your email address is correct and check your spam inbox after you register.
  • 9 -10 stages per event
  • Rifle only, no pistol required
  • Distances will be given but laser range finders are permitted
  • Chamber flags are required!
  • Keep all rifles unloaded, with chamber flags inserted and DO NOT LOAD until instructed to load by an RO.
  • Spotting scopes and tripods are allowed. PNTC has spotting scopes provided by Zeiss, but additional spotting scopes are always needed. Please bring them with you if you have them. Also, binoculars are helpful.
  • No coaching is permitted
  • These matches sell out quickly. Be sure to register as soon as the links are available to ensure your spot in the match.


Number of Shooters:

90 Shooters Saturday, 30 Shooters Sunday


  • Bolt: Any bolt action rifle with magnified optics
  • Semi-auto: Any semi-auto action rifle with magnified optics.
  • Junior: Competitor with bolt or semi-auto that is under 18 years old before March 22, 2019.


Maximum caliber:

  • 22 LR ONLY


Ammunition and Gear Info:

  • 125 rounds minimum
  • No steel core or tracer ammo. If a magnet sticks to your bullet it will not be permitted. If you shoot unauthorized ammunition at our targets you will be disqualified and charged for damaged steel.
  • Bipod, pack rests, slings, rear bags are permitted unless identified as a stage restriction.
  • Suppressors permitted


PRC Scoring Rules & Prize Table Information

For the 2019 Series, we will take the shooter's top 3 match scores to determine overall series ranking. We will be ranking in each division and will award prizes based on finish. Two of your best scores will come from any of the first four matches. The third match score must come from the series finale. There is no limit on how many matches you can compete in. Shooter may compete in different divisions but must have at least two scores from one division to qualify and compete in the finale. Due to space limitations, a shooter may compete in ONE DIVISION ONLY in the series finale.

Series Points

The shooter who finishes in 1st place in each division will receive 100 points

The match points for the remainder of the field is determined using the following formula:

Shooters score / winners score x 100, rounded to 3 decimal places.



You scored 89 points during the match.

The winner scored 105 points during the match.

Therefore; (89 / 105) * 100 = 84.7619 rounded to 84.762 match points


Prize Table & Finale Qualifications

  • Shooters in the top 25% in points from each division with a minimum of 2 matches (your best 2 finishes in division are used)
  • Shooters must complete and not be disqualified in the series finale to qualify for awards/prizes
  • There are only 90 spots available in the series finale. After the conclusion of the 4th series match, the top 90 shooters will have a “one day priority” to register for the series finale. After one day, registration will be opened to other shooters.
  • Following the PRC series finale match, we will award the top three finishers in the Bolt, Semi-Auto and Junior division with prizes. All additional firearms, optics and prizes will be selected at random! All prize table awards are subject to change at the SOLE DISCRETION of PNTC.
  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct at the sole determination of PNTC, at any time, may result in a match or series disqualification with no refund, no right to awards and/or prize table and/or lifetime a ban from PNTC

PRC Series Match Fees/Cost

$55 PNTC Members

$60 Non-PNTC Members

Finale $75 PNTC Members

Finale $80 Non-PNTC Members


Required Safety Equipment

  • Hearing & Eye Protection
  • Range bag/case or cover for firearm
  • Empty Chamber Flag Indicator


Keep your firearm(s)unloaded and cased upon arrival to our ranges and do not handle them at your vehicle! Once you reach a “safe area,” firearms can be uncased and a chamber flag inserted. If you need a chamber flag, they are available at PNTC HQ for a nominal fee. Safe areas are to be kept free of ammunition at all times. Firearms are not to be loaded until the shooter is on the firing line or under the direction of a PNTC Range Officer.

Failure to abide by match and general PNTC rules will result in a match disqualification and/or permanent removal from PNTC



Please no children under 10 years of age permitted as spectators or shooters. All minors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and sign Minor Waiver at PNTC HQ. Do not bring a minor by yourself and shoot in the match. Minors must be under DIRECT SUPERVISON of a parent or legal guardian AT ALL TIMES at PNTC. All junior shooters must remain with a parent and must show that they are safe and have good conduct.


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